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A community-led alternative public
safety program. 


Cambridge HEART is a community safety program that responds to public and private crises, engages in conflict resolution processes, and coordinates mutual aid to support material needs. Grounded in transformative and disability justice principles, Cambridge HEART leverages existing resources for short and long term community cohesion.

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“Community members when they’re in crisis or in conflict seek immediate material support, whether that’s food or housing or transportation or medicine. They seek the ability to get to safe places quickly. They want someone who will listen to them, who can speak their language, who can be present with them. They want to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of their current situation,”


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We're reimagining and creating an alternative to policing in our community, and we need you with us.

Active Campaign

Cambridge is receiving $88 million in COVID relief funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). We are requesting $5.5 million be allocated to HEART—to be spent over two years—to fund our community-led alternative safety program.


Please sign this online petition—and feel free to share it with any other Cambridge residents you believe would be interested in helping to fund HEART—and make the city ARPA funds allocation process more transparent and participatory.